Why you should be an SPI Jobber



Here are some of the many benefits of being a Southern Polyurethanes Automotive Coatings Jobber/Distributor:


-Since the 1990’s SPI has been ran the same simple way: Treat others like you want to be treated. While that seems like a lost art nowadays, you will still find that attitude here at SPI.


-Family owned and operated. No Corporate America mentality here.


-Consistent quality batch after batch means you no longer need to make excuses to your shops. 


-We never buy out of date raw materials and never will!


-Order directly from the manufacturer.

-Since we have consistently grown 15% - 30% annually, our inventory turns on average every 3 weeks so you will always have fresh product on your orders. BTW- We grew 30% in 2009 if that tells you anything about us.


-We don’t load jobbers up on their first order like other companies. While the industry motto seems to be “a fat jobber is a happy jobber”, we want you to put in a minimum amount to see which products sell the best in your area. Plus, the faster you turn your first order, the faster you are able to re-order. Win - Win right? We call it common sense.


-We refuse to sell to PBE warehouses because they would not protect our current and future jobbers territories. Plus, why would any jobber want to sell a line of anything if his competitor down the street has it?


-SPI answers its Tech Line 7 days per week with Expert tech help and our Office and Tech numbers are on every product we sell. There’s nothing we enjoy more than helping one of our shops or jobbers.


-SPI will never try to sell your body shops directly.  It’s your business and we want to see it grow. If you are a new jobber and we currently sell to shops in your new SPI territory those are now your new shops.


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