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SPI Products

  • UNIVERSAL CLEAR: Our 'Universal Clear' has been featured on many world-class restorations including Pebble Beach Concours winners.  Over the last two decades, thousands of rods, bikes and other restorations have been finished with this clear as well.  Universal Clear is easy to spray, hard to run and buffs easy even months after application. 


  • EURO CLEAR: Our 'Euro Clear' is well known and respected from body shops to the custom low rider market for its depth, gloss and friendliness for heavy flakes.  It’s also a favorite among mobile repair specialist and wood workers.


  • PRODUCTION CLEAR: Our 'Production Clear' is a budget-friendly, high-medium solids two-coat clear that is popular amongst body shops and DIYers alike.


  • SPEED CLEAR: Our 'Speed Clear' is quickly making a name for itself for its ease of buffing, gloss and lack of die-back and solvent pop.  Like all of our other clears, Speed Clear has excellent UV holdout.


  • EPOXY PRIMER: We are known on enthusiast message forums worldwide for our Epoxy Primer.  All four colors have outstanding adhesion to metals and aluminum, excellent chemical resistance, outstanding corrosion protection and can be easily sanded by wet sanding, dry sanding or DA sanding.  You can also apply body filler and 2K primer over our Epoxy Primer for up to 7 days without first sanding. 


  • 2K PRIMERS: Our 2K Primers have exceptional filling properties, sand in 45-60 minutes and don’t require the use of a paint sealer.

  • URETHANE REDUCERS:  Our premium urethane reducers are blended with top-tier solvents that can compete with any other brand of reducers regardless of price.  Available in both national rule and Low VOC. ​​

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