Our Goal


Our goal as a manufacturer is to provide you with the finest clears and primers made today using only the best raw materials and latest technologies.  We do not manufacture a lot of different part numbers, but what we do make we can assure you it will be comparable or superior in quality to anything in our market at any price.

Now compare our $140 and less kits of clear against the $300 kits of clear and you will see the difference every time.  Everything we make is intended to be the best in the aftermarket or we won’t make it!

Unfortunately we won’t “give” you a hat, frame machine, bass boat, paint booth, or sponsor your racecar to use our products.

The old cliché holds true that there is no such thing as a free lunch, so the aforementioned items aren’t built into the price of our products.  Therefore you get exactly what you pay for because you are not helping to pay for that shop down the street with the big multi-year contract.