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General Paint Gun Adjusting Guidelines

Fan control: 90% open

Fluid control: Back out 2 ¾ turns from the closed position

1.4 fluid cap guns like 26-32 psi at the gun regulator (when the trigger is pulled)

1.3 fluid cap guns like 24-28 psi at the gun regulator (when the trigger is pulled)

Make sure the air compressor psi is as high as it will go (120 psi or better).  If air psi is restricted (turned down) at the compressor, at an air dryer or a regulator on the wall, it will kill the SCFM which will cause adverse spraying issues.  Modern day paint guns are SCFM pigs.  The only place air psi is restricted is at the regulator on the gun.

Most modern paint guns are used 5-6” away from the panel.  Further away causes dry spray among other issues.

Once the above basic adjustments have been made, place a piece of masking paper on the wall.  Hold the gun the 6” from the paper and do a quick squeeze of the trigger then observe the pattern.  The pattern should be nice and even in
the center of the pattern. 

If the pattern shows dry spray in the center, turn the fan in (closing some) starting with 5% up to 10%. 

Once again, these are general guidelines and fine tuning may be needed. 

Iwata LPH400 Series Color-Coded Caps:
Silver (LV) – Clears
Orange (LVX) – Basecoats
Purple (LVB) – Difficult metallic and pearl basecoats

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