How do i adjust my paint gun?

Check under our Products menu above, there are two articles titled "Adjusting Your Gun" and "Gun Adjusting Guidelines".

Can i buy your products online anywhere or how do i find a jobber?

No.  Simply call us at 706.781.2220 to see if we have a local SPI Jobber in your area.  If we don't have a local jobber, you may buy directly from us and shipping is FREE!


Do you export around the world?

Yes.  We will ship our products to your US based freight forwarder with free shipping and from there your broker will get the products to you.


What are your hours of operation?

Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM EST.


Do you mix basecoat colors to paint codes?

No.  We do offer some single colors though.

What is the difference between 2.1 VOC Euro Clear and Euro Clear?

2.1 VOC Euro Clear uses a 2.1VOC  compliant solvent and mixes 4:1.  While Euro Clear mixes 4:1:1 with both a catalyst/activator and urethane reducer.

What if i need technical help after hours?

Call 404.307.9740 - 7 days a week.

How late can I call to get a ground/UPS order out the same business day?


I'm in a pinch, can you overnight my coatings?

No, because the products are considered dangerous goods.

Everyone seems to be bragging about your epoxy primer on these internet forums, why?

Our SPI Epoxy Primer has unsurpassed corrosion protection, excellent chemical resistance, dries to a semi-gloss so you can see where your dings are, is easily sandable, and has excellent adhesion to untreated aluminum.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover only.


Do you accept PayPal or Amex?



Do you have distribution in Canada?

Yes.  Contact Doug Kennedy @ 519.437.9193 for all Canadian orders.


I'm doing a restoration quality paint job, so which clear should I buy?

Universal Clearcoat is our premium restoration clear whcih we have built our name on since 1997.  Just one of the huge advantages Universal Clear has is it never becomes hard to buff, which is important when you paint a car in pieces and assemble months later.


Are you actively seeking SPI jobbers in Canada?

Yes!  Contact Doug Kennedy @ 519.437.9193


Will SPI products work with my xxxx brand of basecoat?

Yes!  SPI primers, clears, and additives work with all common modern basecoat systems.


Are your products legal in California, Deleware, or Canada?

Yes.  If the product says 0.0 VOC or 2.1 VOC, then it is legal to use in these restricted areas.


What's the difference between 4.4 VOC Universal Clear and 2.1 VOC Universal Clear?

The only difference is 2.1 VOC Universal Clear simply users a special compliant solvent so it can be sold in California, Deleware, and Canada. 

Some customers say 2.1 VOC Universal Clear has a little more flow to it as well.


Are you actively seeking jobbers to sell your products in the US as well as globally?

Yes!  Not only do we offer low minimum freight prepaid orders, but we will also protect your territory as well.


Do you sell your products through WD warehouses?

No. This is how we are able to offer our retailers exclusive territories.


What are your clears based on?

Every one of our clear coats is polyurethane based as we refuse to make urethane or acrylic urethane clear coats.


How do your clears work in hot humid environments?

Unlike anything you have ever used.  Not only do we offer Very Slow activators so you can do allovers at 105 degrees, once your overspray is evacuated after the last coat you can actually turn your booth fan off!  What other clears can do that?


What's your most popular 2k Primer?

The vast majority of our customers find that our Regular Build 2K Primer is perfectly suited for both collision and restoration work.


What's "Turbo" about Turbo Primer?

While all of our 2K primers are sandable in 30-40 minutes, Turbo Primer is 100% shrink-free within 3 hours which makes it perfectly suited for high volume production shops.


When do i need to use your High Build Primer?

Our High Build Primer comes in handy for very rough restoration work, so think of it as your last resort before using polyester primer.


Do you offer a polyester primer?



Do you sell sandpaper, respirators, paint guns, paint sticks and mixing cups?

No. We only sell what we make.


What's "Production" about your Production Clear?

Only the price!  Unlike anything else in this price range, our Production Clear is a premium upper-medium solids true polyurethane product that only requires two coats even if you want to wet sand and buff.  While not very profitable for us to make, this clear will blow you away when compared to other 4:1 clears.