SPI News Spring 2013

I’m excited to say 2012 was yet another record setting year for Southern Polyurethanes!

We have released several new products since our last news update and here they are with a brief description of each:

-SPI Red Single Stage – Our in-house clean red now in a two coat 2.1 VOC polyurethane single stage. 

-SPI Dark Red Base – A premium in-house dark/blood red base that covers in 2-3 coats. 

-SPI Black Black Base – A premium “black black” two coat base that’s as black as it gets. 

-SPI Black Black Single Stage – A “black black” two coat 2.1 VOC polyurethane single stage.

-Matte Clear  - A two coat 2.1 VOC polyurethane matte clear with excellent hold out. 

-Hot Rod Black – A two coat 2.1 VOC Hot Rod Black polyurethane single stage in which the flatness can be adjusted by activator ratio. 

-Pure Clean White Base  - A premium two coat ultra pure white base that’s best suited for striping, boats, planes and trailers due to its color purity. 

-Pure White Single Stage - A two coat 2.1 VOC polyurethane single stage that’s best suited for striping, boats, planes and trailers due to its color purity.

-Polyurethane Retarder – The perfect solution for when it’s so hot Very Slow Activator just isn’t enough for large vehicles. 

-Black 2K Regular Build Primer - Same as our other 2K Regular Build primers now available in black.  


SPI News Summer 2012

The growth just never seems to end here at Southern Polyurethanes as we grew 26% in 2011!  Having grown every year since our inception in 1997 and after purchasing a new facility in 2008, SPI had to build another warehouse in December 2011 just to keep up with all the new demand.  We are out of land at our current location and it wouldn’t surprise us if we’ll be looking for a new facility with plenty of room for future expansion in 2013. 

Our new 2.1 VOC SPI Red Oxide Epoxy Primer, which matches the old Fords from the 1960’s has been a tremendous success and by adding some SPI Black Epoxy to this Red Oxide, you can match the GM Red Oxide from the 1960’s as well.  

In 2011 we brought back our SPI Red Basecoat which is a SPI original color.  We brought SPI Red back because it’s unable to be matched by any standard mixing system that you will find in an automotive paint store and we had several hundred cars painted with this color over the years so our painters found themselves in trouble when it came time to repair these vehicles as the color couldn’t be matched. 

SPI Red Basecoat is a rich true clean unique red without any other pigment colors in it and being high solids, it usually covers in 2-3 coats over white or grey (over white really makes it ‘pop’).   We have SPI Red sprayouts available so give us a call and we’ll send you one. 

In the very near future we intend to have Black Basecoat, 2.1 VOC Black Single Stage, 2.1 VOC Pure White Single Stage and a 2.1 VOC Pre-Flattened Clear.

Also, the new Very Slow Activators for the #2100 Clear, #4100 Clear and #5100 Clear have received rave reviews from painters who need to paint large vehicles in humid 90°-110+° environments.  Our original #4000 Universal Clear has had a Very Slow Activator for several years and it works fantastic in the hot and humid South and Caribbean. 

We are currently working on new Technical Manuals and expect to have them ready for distribution in the Fall.    



SPI News Spring 2011

We are proud to announce 2010 was yet another year of record growth here at SPI!  Sales were up 23% over a record 2009 and we would like to thank each and every customer and SPI jobber for this tremendous success. 

While the automotive refinish industry is still down 20-30%, we continue to grow by leaps an bounds in part because there are 1000’s of positive posts on internet enthusiast message forums regarding our products.   Granted we aren’t a household name, but we have 1000’s of customers who realize our $90-$150 kits of clear will easily compete with any competitors $450 kit clear.  Sure there are people that don’t believe we can make such a product for that kind of money, but they can keep paying major brand prices and wonder why their paint costs are out of control.   Our shops know the truth about SPI products and actually make a profit on their paint materials. 

We recently introduced SPI 6630-4 Red Oxide Epoxy Primer which is an exact match for the red oxide primer used on 1960’s Fords.  This product may also be tinted slightly to match GM’s primer used in this era.  

While you might be new to this site and SPI, we have been around since 1997.  Being based out of Georgia, in our early days we primarily focused on the Southeast because it was easily accessible.  Today we have distributors from Ft. Lauderdale to San Francisco to Ontario Canada. 

If you would like to become a SPI jobber give us a call and we’ll let you know if your territory is open.  We offer true protected territories, we won’t sell PBE warehouses, we offer easily achievable freight prepaid terms and unlike other companies our ship rate is 99.99%. 




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