All SPI GTO Judge sells for record $682,000
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Click on Year One's '66 Mustang to see how it was painted.

         Southern Polyurethanes coatings are featured on nationally recognized vehicles such as YearOne’s Mail Order Camaro, the Blackened Mustang and the 2006 Q-Collegiate Challenge Cobra’s, which are all featured in our “Photos” section.         

Why Southern Polyurethanes?

At Southern Polyurethanes our goal as a premium coatings manufacture is to provide you with the finest clears, primers, solvents and additives available today using only the best raw materials and latest technologies.   While we don’t manufacture a lot of redundant re-labeled products we can assure you what products we do make are comparable if not superior to anything else in their class in the automotive aftermarket at any price.

Now compare our $130 and less gallon kits of clears against the competitors $600 kits of clear and you will see the difference every time.  Everything we make is intended to be the best in its class or we simply won’t make it.  With our clears you turn the booth fan off as soon as the overspray is evacuated and none of our clears require baking, though if you choose to bake they are all low time low temp baking clears.   How much money will this save you in electricity and filters per year?   

Looking for a show car quality clear with unmatched gloss and clarity?  Look no further than our Universal Clear.  Thousands of rods, bikes and restorations have been finished with these clears.  Both of these clears have excellent chemical resistance and buff easy even months after application. 

Need to save a few dollars but want an excellent collision shop quality clear?  Try our Euro Clear or Production Clear.  Both are two coat products even if buffed. 

We are known on enthusiast message forums worldwide for our Epoxy Primer.  All four colors have outstanding adhesion to metals and aluminum, excellent chemical resistance, outstanding corrosion protection and can be easily sanded by wet sanding, dry sanding or DA sanding.  You can also apply body filler and 2K primer over our Epoxy Primer for up to 7 days without sanding. 

All of our 2K Primers have exceptional filling properties, sand in 30-60 minutes and don’t require the use of a paint sealer.  Our Turbo Primer is even 100% sand scratch / shrink free after only 3 hours of air drying due to the state of the art resin system we use.

Contact Barry, the President of SPI  by phone or text @ 404-307-9740 7 days a week even after normal business hours for your technical questions.   I bet you don’t even have the cell phone number of your current factory paint rep and if you, do does he or she immediately return your calls?  What about in the evening?  On Sunday?  While you might get my voicemail due to call volume I will return your call ASAP!

Some suppliers copy the descriptions of our services and the descriptions of our products; however no supplier duplicates the quality of our services or the quality of our products.  © Southern Polyurethanes, Inc 2006-2014


Since we created this website we can put anything we want on here so don’t take our word for it… simply type ‘Southern Polyurethanes’ aka ‘SPI’ into your favorite search engine to be taken to thousands of posts on enthusiast forums of all kinds where every day people from novices to experts brag about our Epoxy Primers, 2K Primers, Polyurethane Clears, excellent customer service and our fantastic prices. 

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Some suppliers copy the descriptions of our services and products, however , no one duplicates the quality of our services and products.
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